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 Yellow Card System

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PostSubject: Yellow Card System   Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:53 am

This is something you do not want to recieve...a yellow card is a penalty given to you for missing a fight. Follow the rules below and you will have no worries about getting one of these.

1- The first yellow card given to you is a warning. It should not be taken lightly because to recieve a second one right after you get your first, you will be stripped of your fighter and then cut from the division.

2- If you know you are gonna be unable to make your scheduled fight, then you need to notify that divisions admin that you will be unable to do your fight. There is also a section in the Fighter Information section ( where you can post if you are going to be absent from the league for any set time.

If you follow these rules as I said you will not have to worry about any penalties. Show up for your fights, you signed up to the division be put on weekly fight cards so don't make it hard on the guys who have to put the time and effort into updating the fight cards.

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Yellow Card System
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