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 WEFL Main Rules

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PostSubject: WEFL Main Rules   WEFL Main Rules EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 10:01 pm

Follow these simple rules and your stay here can be as fun as you want it to be! Choose to break any of these rules and you will face the consequences, with either a small suspension or a lifetime ban! I do not wanna have to be banning people all the time as I want people here to have fun but I still need to maintain a safe, fun site for everyone to enjoy. With that said read the rules below and burn them into your brains.

*All Punishments will be decided by the admins*

1) No Racism at all! It will not be tolerated.
2) No Pornograhic pictures/videos. We may have underage people in here and need to respect them as well as anyone coming in to check things out.
3) Keep all threads and posts on topic. This is the easiest rule there is!
4) Bullying is another serious is not tolerated in real life so it shall not be tolerated on here..this also includes personal attacks on religion/beliefs
5) Spam posting..if you are seen posting irrelevant messages to a post it will be deleted.
6) No complaining about losing your match or the match results. Unless you can prove your opponent is using a "turbo controller" or have video proof that your opponent cheated within the match then I do not want to hear about it. We all lose sometimes and you will too!
7) Beefs..I am all for beefs within the league, just do not break the rules..keep posts in proper topics, and have respect for the admins as we do not wanna have to look like the bad guys for having to intervene in any serious issues.

I am sure there is more to come, but for now, play fair, have fun and follow these rules if you wanna remain in the league.
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WEFL Main Rules
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