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 How To Get Started

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PostSubject: How To Get Started   How To Get Started EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 3:06 am

**Hello and welcome to World Extreme Fight League for UFC Undisputed. All the information below will help you in getting started in competition here.**


While we try and keep this site fun we still have rules to follow,

Forum Activity:

Being active in the forums is will keep you from getting kicked out of a division, or possibly the league. We have to keep all the matchups fair for everyone to be able to get a fight each week.

Selecting A Division:

We have many different divisions to keep yourself busy in. We have a Championship Division as well as side divisions like Undisputed Boxing Federation (UBF), K1, Camp Wars, and we have a division for those of you who enjoy a little Random action called WEFL Fight Club. There is no limitations to how many divisions you can join. Each of the different divisions have similar rules with some differences..the divisions rules can be found within the forum for that division.

We are also affiliated closely with Because of the huge popularity of EA MMA we have had to branch off and create a separate site for all your EA MMA action. Click the link above to connect to our WEFL EA MMA League.

We also have a Smackdown vs Raw League which will soon also be moving to another site to be able to focus on all SVR action. For now you can still join here.

Selecting A Fighter:

Once you have chosen a Division the next thing you need to do is select a fighter from the available fighters list. Once you select a fighter you have basically signed a contract to claim that fighter for at least 3 fights. Once the 3 fights are up you can either choose to keep him or select another available fighter. If you are holding a Championship in any of the cannot change the fighter who you had at the time of winning the championship.

Fight Cards, Reporting Results And The Honour System:

When a fight card is declared Official you may then take the next steps to getting your fights done. You will need to contact your opponent withing 48 hours of a fight card becoming Official, failure to do so may result in a yellow card being placed against you or depending on how many times this has happened it may result in being stripped of your fighter and removal from the division.

If you are not able to be apart of a fight card for a certain amount of time we have a section set up to post that in, or send me a message. If your fighter does not respond to you withing a 24-48 hours of you contacting them then send me a message and I will do what I can to get you a new fight.

The Honour System is in place to keep the cheese in other leagues (read here for Honour System info - When posting results/confirming results remeber to use the Honour System to give your opponent a fair Honour Rating.

Champions/P4P Rankings:

When a member wins enough fights (in the Championship Division you also need at least a +5 Honour Rating) they are eligable to fight for a title. Should you win a Belt will be available to add to your signature to show off. Each weight in each division has a belt. The WEFL Fight Club only has one belt, and once Camp Wars gets set up there will be a Trophie rather than a belt.

On the portal page of this site there will be a Pound For Pound (P4P) Ranking Sheet posted. This will change with each fight card. There will be one set up for each division in this league. To make this list you need wins.

Fight Camps:

If you have a camp or are interested in joining a camp we have a thread set up just for that. Go here for any info

**Above all else, sign up for the division(s) that best suit you, and have fun! If you should have any questions at all whether it is how to sign up for any of the leagues or divisions, or how the honour system works or anything at all feel free to contact me.**

Fight Camp: Team Death (Leader)
WEFL UFC Championship Record: 2-0
WEFL UFC K1 Record: 0-2
WEFL UFC UBF Record: 1-1
WEFL UFC Fight Club Record: 0-0
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How To Get Started
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